Here are some tips on design and decorating concepts.

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Feature wall

Why would you want a feature wall of a contrasting color in a room? As the actual trend in color is gray, some might find the overall look a bit plain. If that is the case, we suggest having a feature wall of a denser color.  The feature color can be vibrant or dark neutral. Remember that colors, whether they are warm or cold, can make a wall appear closer or farther. So choose the accent color depending on the visual effect you want to create in your room.

Kitchen backsplash

Why should you have a backsplash in your kitchen? The primary use of a backsplash is certainly to ease the kitchen maintenance. A painted wall, between the cupboard and countertop, is more difficult to keep clean and spotless than porcelain tiles, for instance. Take a look at what we’ve done here. The solid colour of the cabinet paired with the soft patterned countertop, creates a neutral canvas.  By choosing a stylish mosaic backsplash we’ve enlivened the scheme of colours and finishes. A backsplash is a great way to add a touch of pizzazz in the décor of your kitchen.

Coordinating fabrics

What should you consider when pairing fabrics? The judicious combination of colors is very important of course, but the texture of the fabric and the pattern size are just as important. Start from the main fabric, the one that attracted you first and that will dominate your décor.

Here is an example of monochrome pairing. To complement the main brocade style fabric, we chose a shiny striped fabric and a silky smooth fabric, and another one with a small more textured pattern. 

One last piece of advice: remember to take into account the area which each fabric will cover to get an overall well-balanced décor.


If you are interested in any of these topics and would like to find out how they can be applicable to your design and decorative project, please do not hesitate to contact us.